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Whiteboard Videos: Magic In Creative Minds

Remember how you felt seeing a movie in school? The movie could be on frogs, but it was movie day! Movies and that technology make us happy. We do better work when we are happy, we act better. Thus is the science behind white board videos.

When you are trying to pitch an idea, how do you get the largest audience? Print can be a way, 50 folks need 50 fliers, same with books. Your idea is great, really unique. So how do you get it out there to a mass audience without going broke. Whiteboard videos are a great start.

If you have a meeting around a video, how will your audience react? Most likely a lot like you did in school. People are more relaxed when a video, film or movies is shown. You may even get popcorn. You are setting up a fun atmosphere. When people have fun, they feel positive. What better way to feel upbeat than a sales meeting. You feel good about your product, a confidence boost. You can take that frog movie and make the frogs sing. It is your creative spin on your business. The only limitation is your imagination.

A whiteboard video reaches a maximum number of people for the most impact. You have a great idea that needs to shared. Add in a fun soundtrack, peppy images, bright colors and you have got a video. How interested can you keep your audience with a flyer on your business? It can be a great flyer. Lots of colors, a fun font for lettering, not so much.

You see a laughing person on a whiteboard video. You can connect with a person, not with a flyer so much. You see a funny scenario that reminds you of home. The music is upbeat. You have a visual connection that makes a customer feel connected to your business. If you have a connection, you feel valued. You feel like this company cares about you and your needs. You want to do business with them. Flyer or Video?

You have an audience’s attention span right here. Put 50 people in a room with an overhead projector, then pass out pillows. Your audience will be sleeping even though you brought the fun scented markers. People have so much time they are willing to give and spend. They can sleep at home. Give them something to grab their attention at the get go.

Whiteboard videos are enough to sell catsup to white gloved ladies. You need a video with spunk. Make a connection, and the sale is yours. You have reached a larger audience than ever. It was your idea brought to the magic of technology. A little creative genius and the magic of video.

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